Andrew Lincoln on where Rick’s and Carl’s relationship is at now:
There’s a bit when I’m watching Michonne and Carl and I’m thinking ‘is he scared of his father?’ I feel intense shame about what’s happened, only because I’m concerned about my relationship with my son. There’s a scene, the first scene we have at the Terminus, he says something very, very key. They ask him… they say ‘I’d hate to see the other guy’. And I say ‘You would’. And the Termite says ‘Did they deserve it?’. And the kid just says, unequivocally, ‘Yes.’ And that is a huge bit between a father and a son. It means that he understands.

Talking Dead 3x16

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Killian Jones/Hook + 3x15 Quiet Minds


Daryl’s gear in S4

Prompt up for grabs!


Anyone want to write a little ditty about Tara making the same wrong assumption that Axel did? Carol not realizing Tara is making some moves, and maybe causing a touch of jealousy in our favorite redneck?

Just an thought I had while scrolling but I have too many fic-balls in the air to write another…

Somebody Do This!! I Need This!!!!

"They’re screwing with the wrong people."

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Hershel Greene in ”A” aka I’m in pain