Damon Salvatore 90’s sex god.

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Norman Reedus in Stretch (x)(x)



Assassin’s Creed with kittens.

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Went from comedic to real as fuck in like 2 seconds

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i just wanna know what the bloody hell patrick kane is putting in the water that’s making y’all think he’s hot

Been Saying This Since HighSchool


If no team hires John Tortorella I’m going to hire him to follow me around and yell at anyone that bothers me

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Such Pretty Lips, but such a waste

Thanks to my muse...


So after a lengthy conversation and perhaps a little prodding from the best Muse ever sanjamac I have a one shot idea brewing in my mind.

Here’s a teaser: picture Daryl making sweet sweet love to Carol after my lil sugarplums are reunited… When Beth just so happens to be…

Yess I Need This!!!!


Another a little reminder

rookerss-archive asked:
Oh my god, thank you!! Whenever I get messages on tumblr, they're rarely good so I was so happy to see your message (hence why I'm just sending you an ask so I can keep it forever). That means a lot to me, OMAH is such a fun fic to write and I'm so happy that it's been so well received. Thank you so much!!

Aww :) Sorry i totally just found this i forget to check messages when i use my phone -_- but i don’t see why you wouldn’t get many :) i love your work I’ve read most of it in my spare time your very talented :)


Geek Studio’s Nintendo Giveaway!


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Andrew Lincoln on where Rick’s and Carl’s relationship is at now:
There’s a bit when I’m watching Michonne and Carl and I’m thinking ‘is he scared of his father?’ I feel intense shame about what’s happened, only because I’m concerned about my relationship with my son. There’s a scene, the first scene we have at the Terminus, he says something very, very key. They ask him… they say ‘I’d hate to see the other guy’. And I say ‘You would’. And the Termite says ‘Did they deserve it?’. And the kid just says, unequivocally, ‘Yes.’ And that is a huge bit between a father and a son. It means that he understands.

Talking Dead 3x16